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BRAINS (Basic Registry Aneurysmal Ischemia and Neuromuscular Studies) contains several registries on neurological diseases.

Host databases:      Trial Office Neurology
University Medical Centre Utrecht
P.O.Box 85500
3508 GA Utrecht

tel: +31 88 7558189
fax: +31 30 2522782
e-mail: D.SlabbersBouwman@umcutrecht.nl

Technics:      Leo Swart
e-mail: L.Swart@umcutrecht.nl
ASTRA Aneurysm Screening after surgical Treatment for Ruptured Aneurysms
BASICS Basilar Artery International Cooperation Study
DIABETIC Diabetic Encephalopathy Database
EPSR European Paediatric Stroke Registry
ESPRIT European/Australian Stroke Prevention In Reversible Ischaemia Trial
MASH pilot Magnesium and Acetylsalicylic acid in Subarachnoid Haemorrhage
MASH Magnesium in Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Haemorrhage
SAB SubArachnoid Haemorrhage database
USDB Utrecht Stroke Data Base
KETOGEEN Ketogeen Dieet Nederland

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